Light up the loop

A fundraiser that takes place at the University of West Alabama to help raise money and awareness for autism.  This program need help creating a sustainable logo and desperately needed a design for them to put on T shirts. They also needed help advertising and asked if we could make postcards and posters to help spread the word. 

My team and I created a new logo based off of the old advertisements the event has used in the past and made it to where they could use the logo more consistently in the future instead of making a new one every year. We then designed T shirts, posters and postcards surrounding the logo. 


uwa track & FIELD Internship 

The overall goal with this project was to create more content for the teams account on Instagram. The head coach let me do whatever I thought would look good. She requested that the posts kept a consistent theme and also wanted a countdown to the season. 

I went ahead and created a #MotivatioalMonday series to post on Mondays and some other motivational posts that could be posted any other day of the week. Also included “shoutout” posts that recognized coaches, athletic trainers and any athletes who qualified for nationals. 


My Work

personal logo

We were asked to create a logo that best represented us. Initially I wanted my logo to be based around just my name because my name is already unique all by itself. This led me to create “D Navarro” (located below). It is very simple, in a cute way, but I felt there could be more. I also wanted my logo to be able to go on anything/everything along with being able go with multiple colors.

In the end my logo symbolizes me in “my own little world” coming up with new ideas for all kinds of situations along with being diverse, indicated by the three different flowers.