Modeling, Photography, & Case Study

1. My Modeling

If needed I am able to do my own hair and makeup for any shoot. I have done my own hair and makeup for some shoots already but I have also used my skills for weddings, parties and more. I am very good at receiving constructive criticism and fast at adapting to whatever situation we are in. Having this skill helps move everything more smoothly so that we can achieve the goals we have in mind. 

2. My Photography

Although I do not have a specific style, I simply love to capture the moment of whatever I am taking a picture of. I believe that pictures tell a story, inspire others or could simply help bring back a memory. My goal when taking a picture is to try and show/portray the emotions one may feel. 

3. Case Study

I have worked on many case studies throughout the years and am confident with the work that I have put out. Just like my photography I do not have a specific style but enjoy creating all types of content. As long as my clients are satisfies and I happy to provide.  

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